How does a fire pot work?

Understanding the basics of the latest trend in outdoor living experience

…plus fire tables, fire bowls & fire pits

Homeowners are spending a lot more time outdoors and that doesn’t have to end with cooler weather. They’re also looking at ways to outfit extended living spaces with the latest fire features. Fire features are frequently combined with outdoor kitchens, patios and more. 

Take a closer look at this growing outdoor living trend and find out what you should know before adding fire to the backyard. For simplicity, we will discuss natural gas and propane options, the most popular type of fire feature sold today. Gas options give the convenient element everyone craves from outdoor fire while saving space. 

???? Always treat fire with respect! Hire only licensed professionals and follow all local and federal laws for fire-related installations.

What Is A Fire Pot?

Often referred to as a fire bowl, occasionally doubling as a fire table, and sometimes mistaken for a fire pit, the fire pot is widely used for decorative purposes. Utilizing natural gas or propane, gas fire pots can produce thick, hardy flames to mimic real wood burning.

Trex® Outdoor Fire & Water™ Fire Pots are highly versatile. Install them on top of columns, tabletops, and even decking. Coordinate a series of fire pots as anchors for gathering areas or as natural boundaries for large outdoor spaces.

Fire Pot Features

Unique gas burner design creates a fuller, more natural-looking flame effect

High-quality, durable materials wth fully tig-welded seams

Available with manual valve operation. Auto ignitors coming soon.

How Do Fire Tables and Fire Pits Differ From Fire Pots?

There are really two kinds of fire tables. The type you might find in a home goods store is usually chair height with a small accent fire in the middle. Fire tables that are 18” tall—a.k.a. “coffee table height”—work best to create the type of experience-based outdoor space homeowners crave today. 

Trex® Outdoor Fire & Water™ Fire Tables fit this category and produce large, dramatic flames. Fire tables aren’t just for heat. Coffee height fire tables offer the ideal setting for entertaining and comfort.

Fire pits are built utilizing prefabricated kits that drop-in and can be covered with material to match the surroundings. Typically fire pits include a circular ring design surrounding an open pit. 

Both types of fire features provide a fixed focal point for people to gather around much like a campfire. They provide warmth and atmosphere to outdoor living spaces. 

How Do You Install A Fire Pot?

Installing a fire pot is pretty simple and straightforward. Hiring a licensed professional familiar with all local and federal laws for fire-related installations is a wise choice. Fuel is supplied directly to the fire feature using either natural gas (requires a pipeline installation) or liquid propane tanks (portable and permanent options are available). 

Gas fire features give us the luxury of fire without consuming large amounts of wood. Cutting wood is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Burning wood produces air pollution and environmental impacts according to the EPA. This could be important in areas where outdoor burning is banned. 

Natural gas is the most convenient option and is great for overall savings if customers are willing to install a gas line. Smoke can also be annoying and most homeowners will appreciate not having to deal with it. 

The burner adds a spark or heat source that will light the gas, allowing for ignition and combustion. Fire features may be lit manually by opening a valve and lighting with a match. Or an automatic igniter can be installed for convenience. 

Sometimes called direct spark ignition (DSI) systems, the auto igniter’s main function is to automatically spark and ignite the flames. Auto igniters can also lower the risk of gas leaks and be used as a safety feature when children are present. 

What Is The Best Fire Pot Material?

Trex Outdoor Fire & Water Fire Pots are constructed of heavy duty materials like stainless steel and copper, which offer a natural, artisan look. Powder-coat options (coming soon!) allow customers to coordinate and match deck and design elements or other outdoor furnishings to their outdoor features. 

Stainless steel provides a contemporary, modern look while copper patinas or oxidizes to produce a series of colors—from dark brown to green to blue. This patina builds up to create a natural barrier of protection. Adding fire-resistant media including lava rock and colored glass provides a unique lighting effect when the fire feature is running.

Fire features can even be made of concrete. Some disadvantages of concrete include cracking and delamination, which can occur when concrete is improperly cured. Metal bowls may come at a premium, but are more durable than concrete. Metal bowls are also lightweight and easy to work with.

Outdoor Living Product Demand

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the growing appeal of outdoor living trends. It’s over the top right now! Industry leading reports predict over $30 billion in current domestic sales—particularly in the outdoor cooking, outdoor entertaining, and recreation segments—with continued “robust” growth for years to come.

Whether used to provide light, heat or for the occasional smores party, fire features including fire pots create a majestic atmosphere for homeowners to enjoy year round. Overhauling outdoor areas not only helps improve quality of life, but can also add usable living space to the home.

How does a fire pot work?

Get in on the Fire Pot Action!

While customers have fire pot visions dancing in their heads, now is the time to stock up on fire features. It’s what they want right now on their patios, decks and everywhere in between. The outdoor fire feature trend is spreading like wildfire—pun intended. Get on board now to build up that extra stream of income you’ve been looking for.

Nothing compares to the raw beauty and essence of the natural elements. Add excitement and sophistication to all your outdoor designs with fire features and planters from Trex® Outdoor Fire & Water™.

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